Awesome Pop

What is Awesome Pop?

Awesome Pop is air popped gourmet popcorn. We want to help you rethink your movie popcorn experience and give you a healthy culinary snack alternative because you care about what you eat.

We pride ourselves in giving you a snack that is...
  Gluten Free       Trans Fat Free       100 % Natural      Non GMO Organic Corn       Vegan  

Why Awesome Pop?

Because it’s simply delicious. We believe in unique ingredients and elevating your air-popped popcorn enjoyment by combining sophisticated simple flavors with a gourmet twang. Snacking has never been this awesome! Founded in Topagna, California made with clean hot air. What inspires Awesome Pops’s incredible combinations? Inspiration comes from interesting pairings and bringing out the best simple notes of any spice. Inspiration comes from color, culture and whatever seems to be in season.

How does Awesome Pop give back?

Awesome Pop chooses to give back by supporting social impact cinema, local film festivals and screenings. Wonderful story telling and rich cinematic films bring us together as a community, it opens our eyes and our minds. What better way to support a filmmaker or cause then to enjoy some popcorn and have part of your purchase go back to the creators.

Partnering with Hess Winery in ’14 and Clif Family Winery in 2015. Awesome Pop strongly supports SIMA, Social Impact Media Awards which celebrates the best in social impact documentary films. Nutrition is important, we should all care about what we eat with a focus on mindful snacking and mindful media.

Awesome pop backstory

Founded by Heidi Volpe inspired by a love for popcorn, interesting flavor experiments and a desire to connect on a local level.
The brand was launched at Topanga Gourmet in 2013 and was a culinary sponsor at the Napa Valley Film Festival in 2013 and 2014 partnering with Hess Winery in ’14 to develop custom flavors for a variety of their select wines.

She is committed to sustainable solutions for packaging, yummy, gourmet snacks for busy lives. Nutrition is important, we should all care about what we eat with a focus on mindful snacking.


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We are always happy to answer any questions you may have about our awesome pop! Let us know if you would like us to create a bulk order for your home, event, or film festival.

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